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OK... I’ll let Evan and Donal decide whether this topic deserves its own thread.

Some of my favorite apps:

Navionics digital charts. They ain’t cheap, but have been quite useful as back-up charts (often more detailed than other electronic charts) and fro route planning. Search for the region; USA, Europe, Carribean, etc and choose the HD options!

Aye Tides XL
Tide and current charts

NOAA hi Def Radar
Weather Radar

Globe Convert
I am metrically challenged...

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    Good idea!

    When I observe in the Catalina & Santa Barbara Channels, I use the GPS Essentials app to monitor the swimmer's progress (coordinates, speed, distance to finish, path mapping, etc.). It doesn't depend on cell data reception.

    Android only, but I'm sure there's something similar for iOS.
  • loneswimmerloneswimmer IrelandCharter Member
    I agree. Anyone who has read my blog though knows I have a thing about making sure people understand tides especially in high tidal range and complicated tidal locations.

    So you MAY need to be careful with your tide app. Why? The tidal data for the United Kingdom and Ireland is owned by the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office. It cannot be used with paying a license fee. Therefore many free tide apps exclude Ireland & the UK. More critically than having none is the data used may be wrong because the app may be using other data sources.

    The best stand-alone Windows tide app I ever found was WXTide32. The Devs were eventually forced to remove the excellent Ireland & UK data. It's excellent even though now old. You can use it for forward plan tides, get tide data using an map, get tide graphs and location data. However I archived a working older copy with the Ireland & UK data still working. You can download it from my Dropbox. (It's Windows only, and no longer seems to work in Linux under WINE).

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