Madame Madfish Butterfly racks up her 21st and surely her greatest world record

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I am in awe. How she finds the time and the wallspace for all these amazing feats of certificate-tude... I don't know if this (21st) includes her spurious MIMS record though but if she is doing the counting, then probably.

FYI, Dr. Bradshaw is both Secretary of the CSA and a coach who offers her paid services to EC CSA aspirants in what may be considered an egregious conflict of interest.



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    Oh, my. I know there are some very accomplished folks in the channel swimming world, but this is truly a cut above. 302 people? On a trampoline? Incredible stuff. Will the BBC be covering this? Give this person another honorary doctorate!

    Does she offer trampoline coaching, as well?
  • To each his own. I can only say that I almost signed on at at CSA and she was more than helpful. I did consider going to her camp and I looked into her coaching but the prices are very high.

    I decided to join the "other" organisation based on the pilot and the positive praise in here in the forum, and I am going to the camp in Cork for € 42.73! I paid a little more as I opted for the second swim cap.

    egregious I had to look it up:

    Sisu: a Finnish term meaning strength of will, determination, perseverance, and acting rationally in the face of adversity.

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