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Hi All,

I am spending a few days staying in Half Moon Bay in June, and was looking for some info on swims I might do near there. I could easily rent a car and drive somewhere so am not limited to just that area. I would be well up for a decent swim, anything up to 8-10 miles I guess, and would love to find a swim buddy.

I gather the water is more like our UK temps up there in Northern Cal. What's it likely to be in the middle of June?





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    You can e-mail Gary (a fellow South End Member) who lives in Half Moon Bay...and he can set you up...you can join the SE as an out-of-town member and do the club swims as well...check out the site...many of our members are marathon swimmers or those training for marathon swims. You can go to Gary's website for more information and contact information below:



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    I think Gary lives in Pacifica, not HMB. (admin note: I removed his email address from @Sharko's post for privacy reasons. @jbetley, I'll PM it to you.)

    Anyway, there's a group that swims at the beach just south of the jetty in Half Moon Bay. Not sure of days/times. Also check out San Mateo Masters for pool workouts. I believe many of the same folks swim there.


    My impression is HMB runs a bit colder, a bit sharkier than SF.

    As @Sharko says, Aquatic Park in SF is a great option - an easy and beautiful drive from HMB.
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    Also - if you're just in town for a few days, it may not make sense to join the South End as an out of town member. That would be a very expensive few days. Just pay the daily fee ($6.50). On the other hand, the (organized) club swims aren't open to the daily-fee folks, only members.
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    Half Moon Bay is an amazing place and you could do training laps in the harbor which I think is relatively safe...I flipped on a surf ski during a lesson and a seal popped up in front of me questioning why I was in the water. Like the locals are saying, there are many great places to train in the SF Bay Area and none finer than the facilities at Aquatic Park!
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    Thanks everyone for checking in with advice! I guess I will spend some time in Half Moon on the days when I am working, and maybe have a day extra at the end, stay in the city, and swim in Aquatic Park. I will post nearer the time, and see if anyone fancies joining me. I will obviously need a massive meal after, and advice on where to go for that willa also be gratefully received!



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    From here:


    Data is from oceanographic satellite measurements of unstated spatial resolution.
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