Bodies of water, beaches, roads, etc... named 'Swim'

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Here's a start on a list of various bodies of water named 'Swim'.

i. Two drop-down menus are located in gmap4's upper right corner.

ii. To switch to an aerial photograph, select 'hybrid'.

iii. To measure distances and track lengths, select 'Draw and save', then click around.


gmap4 -- Swimming Lake, Montana @ 2950'

gmap4 -- Swim Lake, Montana @ 8960'

gmap4 -- Swimming Lake, Minnesota @ 1470'

gmap4 -- Swimm Lake, Idaho @ 8870'

gmap4 -- Swim Lake, North Dakota @ 2330'

gmap4 -- Swim Lake, Louisiana @ 40'

gmap4 -- Swim Pond, Florida @ 60'

gmap4 -- Swim Lake, Florida @ 90'


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    Swimmers Beach, Dover!
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    Preeminent, Zoe, thanks!


    gmap4 -- Swim Lane, Kent, New Brunswick, Canada

    gmap4 -- Swim Road, Great Yarmouth, England

    gmap4 -- Swimmers Cove Road, Alpena, Michigan

    gmap4 -- Swimmers Lane, Salisbury, North Carolina

    gmap4 -- Swim Drive, Crossville, Tennessee

    gmap4 -- Swim Road, Clearfield, Kentucky

    gmap4 -- Swim Road, Columbia, Louisana

    Nominal only?:
    Swim Road, Brighton, New Brunswick Canada
    Swim Street, Stonington, Illinois
    Swim Avenue, Stillwater, Oklahoma
    Swim Lane, Princeton, West Virginia
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