Another reason not to wear a wetsuit ;-)


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    Not to sound too geeky, but I love these studies. The authors IDed a cold stress receptor that allowed the influx of calcium when cold and the triggering of cellular signaling through PKC and the transcription factor daf-16 (FOXO; part of the insulin signaling pathway). The TF FOXO causes the increased expression of genes associated with longevity. Calorie restriction (decreased food intake) and exercise also stimulate FOXO.

    I now have to add a new chapter to the book that I am writing. It was going to be "Exercise and Eat a Carrot", but it will now have to be "Exercise, Eat a Carrot and Chill Out".
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    Greg, you're a geek, but we love you for it.

    I knew there was something to this cold water stuff. In the midst of my training for my ice swim back in December, I went to the doctor, and my blood pressure had dropped to 110/68. The doctor asked if I was feeling OK and if I was always so low. I felt fine, and no, it's not always so low, but I suspect the frequent cold water had something to do with it. No evidence, per se, but a little anecdotal support for the idea that being cold is good for you.

    Stop me if you've heard this one...
    A grasshopper walks into a bar...

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