Swimming the North Channel in December, or.... hoax?


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    Wow. Seems unbelievable. I am suspect when someone doesn't offer up observer reports or video or...

    We're all just carbon, water, starlight, oxygen and dreams

  • WalterWalter Southern CaliforniaMember
    December?! This guy has taken things to a whole new level. By which I mean that, while I've heard of playing April Fool's Day pranks on March 31st to get the jump on the wary, I've never heard of anyone starting in December!

    Next, I suppose, you'll be telling me Earth persons have walked on the moon!

    I'm not very popular around here; but I've heard that I'm huge in Edinburgh!

  • loneswimmerloneswimmer IrelandCharter Member
    Carl Sagan said, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.


  • evmoevmo SydneyAdmin
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    If this is, as I suspect, a somewhat less-than-reality-based claim, one has to appreciate the effort that went into creating the fake Twitter stream & GPS coordinates :)

    One also notes the curious absence of things normally associated with Twitter streams of real channel swims - e.g., photos of the swimmer in the water, with contextual cues.

    (Notes on below: Read in reverse chronological order; @ Replies, dates, etc. have been stripped for readability.)

    • Thinking about calling it a night....thinking.....decided. Come on legs, few more steps and we're there! Night all! #stillfeelinggood
    • That short moment of worry when you think "Did I leave my speedos at the hotel?" Luckily they reemerged at the bottom of my bag! #standdown
    • An evening of total lazy loafing ahead. Oh yes!
    • Some trivia facts about yesterday, it was 28.8 miles, 1854 lengths of a standard pool, burned additional 9,919 calories and chased the sun.
    • Time approaching when I leave to head south. Thank you #NorthernIreland and #Scotland for your hospitality and #IrishSea for not killing me.
    • Morning morning. This is the real me reporting dead leg, dead arm....dead everything but i was v touched by messages of support. Thank you.
    • Couldn't resist. Darren never sleeps & never leaves whisky in the glass...till today! Signing off #GallowayChannel pic.twitter.com/5uSXX3hv
    • Darren will be back with you tomorrow but for now thank you for all your support and messages. They meant a lot to him #GallowayChannel
    • He's done it! 28 miles in 15h16m. Average speed 1.89 mph and a maximum of 1.98mph. Both personal bests #GallowayChannel http://darrenjaundrill.me.uk/?page_id=227
    • Donations towards Darren's challenge, being split amongst military charities, can be made online at http://darrenjaundrill.me.uk/?page_id=227 #GallowayChannel
    • LiveTrack http://darrenjaundrill.me.uk/?page_id=227 shows effect of tide and fatigue setting in. Some minor course corrections during the day! #GallowayChannel
    • 26 miles and can see land. Darren has somehow sped up to 1.92 mph. Average up slightly to 1.87mph. (54.8105786,-5.1891052) #GallowayChannel
    • Sorry all, I did a disservice to Darren in my last update, Darren was 21 miles with 8 to go. Don't tell him! #GallowayChannel
    • Darren is 19 miles in now, 8 miles to go. Boat lamp is on. Average 1.85mph, currently 1.84mph. (54.7979142,-5.325448) #GallowayChannel
    • Asked for sunset picture, this is best we could muster. Darren has slowed to 1.89mph but still A-OK #GallowayChannel pic.twitter.com/8os8Dryy
    • Any openwater swimmers will know this is critical point; Darren is tiring, light fading and temperature will start falling. #GallowayChannel
    • LiveTrack has updated with photos. Unlikely to get many more as light is fading. http://darrenjaundrill.me.uk/?page_id=227 #GallowayChannel
    • Sunset upon us. Darren on average of 1.85mph and has hit 1.97mph. He is tiring but not giving up (54.7979142, -5.4223523) #GallowayChannel
    • Darren's right shoulder is feeling tight. Giving us some concern. He seems ok to continue but we're keeping an eye on him #GallowayChannel
    • Darren is now more than halfway across and still in good spirits. So far so good but the sea is becoming a little choppier! #GallowayChannel
    • If you have any questions or messages for Darren, please reply to this as we will pass them on at his feeding stops. #GallowayChannel
    • We hope you're enjoying a Sunday dinner. Darren has just enjoyed a sweet warm tea and we gave him a banana. Aren't we kind? #GallowayChannel
    • LiveTrack is available here http://darrenjaundrill.me.uk/?page_id=227 . We are tagging photos with some of the GPS updates. #GallowayChannel
    • Darren slowing to 1.94 mph but his average up to 1.82mph. He is approaching the halfway point. (54.7955392, -5.5027771) #GallowayChannel
    • Darren is on autopliot. We can tell because we're having to splash a rod in front to get his attention #GallowayChannel pic.twitter.com/otbO2Wzw
    • Darren going strong at 1.95mph, average up 1.80mph. He is so focused he nearly went the wrong way (54.7899969, -5.5233765) #GallowayChannel
    • A number of tweets have come in about donation, if you would like to donate, please go to http://www.darrenjaundrill.me.uk . #GallowayChannel
    • Darren hoped to swim into Loch Ryan but as the safety team we have instructed him that it will finish at Portpatrick. #GallowayChannel
    • Darren is averaging 1.77 mph which is up 0.32 mph from #BristolChannel. At the moment he is 1.93 mph - a personal best. #GallowayChannel
    • Waved goodbye to Northern Ireland and are on to Stranraer. We've put some pictures on the LiveTrack (54.770593, -5.5426025) #GallowayChannel
    • Coming alongside the ferry lanes where we will stay until we bid farewell to Northern Ireland. (54.6952654, -5.7348633) #GallowayChannel
    • Pictures of Darren once we get a little more light. As for conditions, not too bad at the moment but I'm not in there! #GallowayChannel
    • Good morning. Darren has just joined up with the boat and #GallowayChannel attempt is underway (54.6797861,-5.7413864). Anyone else up? ;-)
    • Calling it a night. I'm being "ordered" to bed. Martin will takeover tweeting duty in the morning. #GallowayChannel #Channels4Heroes
    • Forecast:- Temp 7-8 (4 /wind chill), sea state 2-3, wind 3-4. Showers expected late afternoon. Not bad. #GallowayChannel #Channels4Heroes
    • In #Belfast - technically just outside - ready and buzzing for the swim tomorrow. http://darrenjaundrill.me.uk/?p=374 #GallowayChannel #Channels4Heroes
  • Guess we will know for sure when he swims at Cork?
  • It's funny how such a mammoth swim was not brought to everyones attention prior to the crossing. I know I would have loved to follow his alleged progress. Also, anyone with any previous open water experience would know to have the crossing independently adjudicated.

  • IronMikeIronMike Northern VirginiaCharter Member
    Did this guy ever accept the Cork invite?

    We're all just carbon, water, starlight, oxygen and dreams

  • JaimieJaimie NYCMem​ber
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    I know this thread was a long time ago but @evmo mentioned Darren's name in the Tahoe thread and I wasnt familiar and googled him and found this article from earlier this year - https://standard.co.uk/lifestyle/london-life/the-heroes-of-the-london-bridge-attack-a3559881.html

  • I hope it's true but......

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