Finding an EMT/first responder for an August Lake Michigan swim?

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Hi all,

I'm assembling a crew for an August swim from South Manitou Island to Leland in Lake Michigan (16 miles, 10 hours or so). It would probably be a good idea if there were someone with medical (or at least first aid) training on board to help determine if I need to be yanked out and to assist in case of a problem. EMT or even first responder level training should be fine; we'll never be more than about five miles from the nearest shore. The best person would be a swimmer herself, with a strong bent toward allowing the swim to continue in all but the most dire circumstances. She'd need to be available for a four day window August 15-18; we're planning the window rather than a date to account for weather. On the plus side, we have a very nice house rented for the crew to stay in and it's a beautiful part of the state. The rest of the group is a fun bunch and the boat is beautiful. On the minus, I'm doing this on a shoestring budget and can't pay a whole lot. I'm probably looking for someone who would mostly chalk this one up to an adventure.

Any thoughts on finding such a person?




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    If a local fire station can't help you, you could always try:

    --An Explorer post that is attached to a Paramedic or Hospital or Fire station. I think Explorers are called Venturers now. Some of those kids/young adults are EMT-B or higher.
    --Is there a military post/base near you? Many of those guys need "local volunteerism" for their annual performance reviews. You might find a medically qualified soldier, sailor, airman or Marine who'll volunteer. Same with National Guard.

    I'll try to think of some more ideas...

    Good luck!

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