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    I don't know if this has been mentioned here or elsewhere and I offer it without comment:



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    My son Alexander made this video for my 'one year English Channelversary'. He was 13 at the time - the same age I was when New Zealander Sandra Blewett swam the EC and I voiced my dream to achieve this 'one day'. Fast forward 30 years.....and I did. When I watched what Alex had made for me I was of course quite emotional....however....he spelt vomiting 'vomitting' and it took more will power than swimming the EC not to say something!!!! I hope you like what my son made for me

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    Here's a wee little video from I swim I did last summer with 2 friends in Canada's Great Bear Rainforest. The waterway was "untouched" and it was a pure joy to swim in. Unfortunately 2 months after the swim the Nathen E. Stewart ran aground near by spilling its fuel in the traditional fish grounds of the Heiltsuk First Nation.

    I hope to swim in the territory again soon as I wish to shine a light on what is happening to our precious water ways. I hope you enjoy the video and seeing some of what we saw while there.

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    Niek said:
    @Leonard_Jansen you could've warned me that this video is OSFB (only suitable for believers).

    Almost lost my meal.

    The interesting thing is that it was posted within the last 2 months. That means that after several years, she is creating "propaganda" to address some of the objections that have been around for all that time. The question is "why?" Is it to try to secure her place in history or is it for financial reasons?

    Strange tales from a strange time.


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    Lynnkub said:
    I recently had the honor of getting to do documentary of Scott Zornig's swim around Coronado Island in San Diego.

    I loved listening to Scott's crew during his swim. I often wonder what my crew is talking about during the long, dull hours!

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    Of the 11 documented, unassisted Round-Trip Angel Island swims (SF Bay) to date, I've been fortunate to participate in three - two as observer and one as swimmer.

    We managed to get decent video footage on all three - which I'm increasingly convinced is an essential component of the well-documented marathon swim.

    The videos - less than 20 minutes in total - form a beautiful little trilogy, so I thought I'd put them here in one place. I produced these with iMovie on Mac OSX, which I've found to be the best combination of power and intuitive ease-of-use for the non-professional.

    August 30, 2013 - Cathy Delneo - 6 hours, 10 minutes



    July 12, 2015 - Evan Morrison - 5 hours 57 minutes


    October 29, 2017 - Dave Van Mouwerik - 9 hours, 47 minutes



    Round-Trip Angel Island list on LongSwimsDB

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