Giants of the Bay 30km swim for Autism - 9 March, 2013, Melbourne, Australia

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Hi everyone, I'd like to give a quick plug to a new swim we have started in Melbourne, Australia.
It is 30km in length, open to solo's, duos and teams of 4/6 and supports a very worthy cause - Autism Spectrum Disorder.
The swim takes place on Saturday the 9th March this year and entries are open here:

The swim goes from Port Arlington to Point Lonsdale set in the waters of Port Phillip. There is a 4.5 knot tide to assist swimmers towards the end of the race and the water is about 17-19 degrees celsius. Swimmers are allowed to wear wetsuits but receive a time penalty of 1 minute per kilometre.

This is now Australia's longest swim and a very exciting course that gives participants room to choose their own path, apart from rounding a couple of critical marks. All swimmers will need a boat and a kayaker. While the race organisers can't guarantee finding you a boat, they will certainly help in the process - particularly for overseas competitors.

There are two Autism charities supported at this event: 1. 2.
All funds raised through everyday hero will go directly to either one of the two charities.

Please consider this event either this year or for the future as a unique event for a great cause and a fantastic way to see a bit of Australia, find some new swimming friends and prepare for something like the english channel.

Yours in fine swimming Spirits,

Grant Siedle. (


  • MandaiMandai Charter Member
    All the best for the swim Grant as it is for a nvery oble cause. I'm very much looking forward to it! I'm in Melbourne for the Bloody Big Swim on 9 Feb as well, maybe we can brielfy meet up to discuss the Giant swim.
    Cheers, Tobias
  • MandaiMandai Charter Member
    Niek, your fellow countryman did really great. Can highly recommend the swim.
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