How to train in cold water only

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Is it possible to train year round, in open water only, for a 10 mile Lake District (UK) swim in August?

I have no access to a pool but have swum daily off the west coast of Scotland and in fresh water lochs for sheer pleasure for 14 years. I typically swim (no wetsuit) for 25 minutes in winter (8C at the moment) and 60 minutes in the summer (max 14C).

I have good all round fitness: I run or hike, kayak or row daily and I have done a solo 6 mile sea swim - in a wetsuit.

Any suggestions or advice would be very welcome.


  • Yes, but you may be short on miles during the early season if you stay in UK. It would be worth getting to Malta early April for a couple weeks to get in a few 6 hour sessions.
  • IronMikeIronMike Northern VirginiaCharter Member
    Up your swims when the water gets warmer to at least a once a week swim of 2-3 hours and you should be able to finish the 10-miler.

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