OW Swimming in Belvedere Lagoon (Marin County, CA) and San Francisco

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I might be going to Belvedere for a couple of weeks this summer. Has anybody here swam in the Belvedere Lagoon? How was it (water temperature, water quality, boat traffic, etc...)? Are there clubs nearby for pool swimming as well?

What about in SF? I have seen that there are a couple of clubs (South End Rowing Club, Dolphin Club) with OW swimming. Do people swim there all year round? Is it only for hardcore cold water swimmers (I am not...I live in Barcelona, where cold water is as common as warm water in Ireland).

Thanks for any input you can provide.


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    Years ago I did some swimming around the island in the Lagoon...didn't think there was enough flushing action as the water quality at times was suspect...The South End Rowing Club (founded in 1873) sits right on the water at Aquatic Park with access to the SF Bay....has a locker room. showers and a sauna and day room for visitor's use...and yes we swim year around (we will be swimming from "the rock" on New years morning where the water temperature can be in the high 40's although not likely this year...summer temperatures are in the high 50's so almost too warm for many of us!!!!...there are pools in Marin County (Tamalpias Masters) comes to mind...

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