2012 mileage (km) and 2013 swimming resolutions

mauprietomauprieto New Orleans, LAMember
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In 2012 I will have swum
In 2013 I expect to swim
Goal for big swims in 2013:


  • mauprietomauprieto New Orleans, LAMember
    2012: 750 km
    2013: 780 km
    2013 big swims planned: Strait of Gibraltar July; Lanzarote - Fuerteventura (Canary Islands) October
  • timsroottimsroot Spring, TXCharter Member
    In 2012 I will have swum 1076.999 km.
    In 2013 I expect to swim ~1000 km. Wedding will make my January quite a bit lower than last year.
    Goal for big swims in 2013: Lake Pontchartrain if I can get it all pulled together, USMS National 10 mile, USMS National 5k, Pensacola 25k, in order of decreasing importance.
  • heartheart San Francisco, CACharter Member
    In 2012 I will have swum about 600km.
    In 2013 I expect to swim about 800km.
    Goal for big swims in 2013: Tampa Bay Marathon, Swim the Suck, and several shorter races in California.
  • loneswimmerloneswimmer IrelandCharter Member
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    Always at least a million metres per year since 2007, usually well over.


  • GordsGords Syracuse, UTCharter Member
    2012 - Will have 1200 KM by year end.
    2013 - at least the same
    2013 big swim - Jamie's swim camp, then off to Catalina Channel
  • oxooxo Guest
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    2012 - not calculated but nowhere near the above figures
    2013 - there is an 18 mile backcountry loop hike at the 5000' contour that passes 13 swimmable lakes which I estimate as grading at oligotrophic or clearer. Having done such loops before, my per-swim overhead is down to about 15 minutes. The time estimate for doing it all in one motion without rest breaks is 2mph, so 13k + 18mi = 26 mi = 13hrs. That'll fit within summer daylight, and easily so by hiking the first couple of miles with a headlamp. Besides being a long day, the primary challenge will be water temps in the low 50's with insufficient hiking/EG/time between the skin-swims to rewarm, which means starting succeeding swims with a lower and lower core, sometimes in the middle of afterdrop. Two months ago during the short days a fall, I scouted the circuit by hiking the loop and enjoying a few of the swims. They were new lakes for me, as will be the others. Maybe I'll succeed in getting all 13 in, maybe not. Either way it'll be a day fondly remembered.
  • In 2012 I will have swum 260 km. Or as Loneswimmer would call it: "August."
    In 2013 I expect to swim 700 km.
    Goal for big swims in 2013: North or South Manitou Island to Leland in Lake Michigan. 10 or 16 miles, depending how much training I can get in.

    From August 2011-December 2012, I was concentrating on a series of 17 half marathons (and a full for good luck) in 17 months. Now I'm turning my attention more fully to swimming.

    Here's to a healthy 2013 for all of us!
  • SuirThingSuirThing Carrick-on-Suir, IrelandMember
    2012: 400k
    2013: 500k (of which 100k to be OW)
    aiming to do my first 10k and also first time to be involved in organising an OW event

    I tried to convince myself, but, orange flavour electrolyte, mixed with hot chocolate,
    tastes nothing like Terry's Chocolate Orange ....

  • owenswims93owenswims93 Fermoy, IrelandSenior Member
    2012: Just missed my 800 km for the year.
    2013: Aiming for 1,000 km, should make it with some focus. Hoping to take part in an English Channel 2-way relay and complete a solo Round Jersey swim.

    http://fermoyfish.com – Owen O'Keefe (Fermoy, Ireland)

  • 2012: 515 km since March when I got my swim watch - only about 25 km OW
    2013: 1000 km aim. Including at least 200 km in OW, or cold water lido

    Windermere on July (10.5 miles)
    Dart 10 k in September - both no wetsuit
  • IronMikeIronMike Northern VirginiaCharter Member
    Only managed 247-ish miles this year. But 2013 will be my first non-military year (thus a theoretically more stable training schedule), so I hope to hit 300 miles (which was my goal for 2012).

    Big swim goals for 2013:
    A swim in the Santa Barbara Channel
    Swim the Suck again
    Perhaps something else big

    We're all just carbon, water, starlight, oxygen and dreams

  • WaterGirlWaterGirl Scottsdale, AZCharter Member
    Perhaps something else big
  • In 2012 I will have swum 1300 km.
    In 2013 I expect to swim 1600 km.
    Goal for big swims in 2013: MIMS, Lac St. Jean
  • IronMikeIronMike Northern VirginiaCharter Member
    WaterGirl wrote:
    Perhaps something else big

    I would love to, @WaterGirl, but the timing isn't good. That's exactly when we're planning on being in Tampa to visit my wife's family, and that's when I hope to "pay back/forward" my marathon swimmer friends by volunteering at the TBMS.

    We're all just carbon, water, starlight, oxygen and dreams

  • only started swimming in August last year so

    2012 - maybe 200km
    2013 - aiming for 450km with my first 3km open water
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