Global Marathon Swimming Awards 2012 - FINALISTS

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The finalists for the First Annual Global Marathon Swimming Awards at are as follows (names listed alphabetically by last name):

Solo Swim of the Year (Female) - the single most outstanding solo marathon swim by a female in 2012. Solo Swim of the Year (Male) - the single most outstanding solo marathon swim by a male in 2012. The Barra Award - the marathon swimmer (male or female) with the most impressive body of work, considered as a whole, in 2012. Finalists were selected on the basis of the support their nomination received from the forum community, as measured by "likes." If a person was nominated in both the Solo Swim and Barra Award categories, they became a finalist in the category in which they had the strongest relative support. For example, Trent Grimsey and Craig Lenning tied for the 5th most "likes" for the Barra Award; however, they were the top 2 nominees in the Solo Swim category. So, Trent and Craig were selected as finalists for Solo Swim of the Year (male), and Anna-Carin Nordin then replaced them as the 5th finalist for the Barra Award.

Voting will open on Tuesday. All registered forum members as of today (December 2) will receive an email on Tuesday containing a link to the voting website. The link will have a unique token, which can only be used by the intended forum member, and can only be used once. This is necessary to prevent fraudulent voting, which is common in "open" online polls (e.g., the WOWSA awards).

Any questions? Ask them here.


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    Awesome. Looking forward to voting.

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    Everyone should have received an invitation to the voting website by now. It was sent to the email address with which you originally registered for the Forum. If you haven't gotten it, check your spam folder. If you still don't see it, please send an email to marathonswimmers [at] gmail [dot] com and I will investigate.
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