Boat support needed for GiantsOfTheBay swim near Melbourne on 9 March 2012

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I am participating in the captioned 30km swim on 9 March from Portarlingtion to Point Lonsdale ( and am looking for a support boat. As I am living in Kuala Lumpur this is somewhat difficult for me! Also an eperienced paddler as as I have only two rockie paddlers that might struggle over the long distance. Any support or ideas who to contact would be greatly apreciated! Expenses etc will be fully reimbursed. As well as a free flow of beer and food after the event :)
Thanks, Tobias


  • Hi Mandai,

    Unfortunately, I cannot assist with a boat or paddlers at the moment (I will try). Firstly, I would reach out to Grant Siedle (organiser of the event) as they must have a long list of experienced paddlers who paddled last year. His details, Phone: +61 423 118 036, or email: The official website says you can share boats - so maybe someone else will share with you - you will need to speak to Grant about this. The Bloody Big Swim - 11.2km, held in early February use at least 100 paddlers every year so if you jump on their Face Book Page you could ask the group: or the message board where you can request paddlers/boats for their own swim (just clarify you need it for the Giants Swim instead...) Paul Ellercamp may know some people, but he is based in Sydney (not Melbourne) so try the other options first.

    I live around the Bay (near Brighton) in Melbourne and I am happy to meet up with you while in town and/or go for a training swim before hand. I am very familiar with the bay (I have been swimming in it for 10 years) and with open water swimming in general (6x English Channel Solo crossings) I know some great pre-event training and eating places. If you would like to chat further feel free to contact me directly via email '' or Skype 'Chloemccardel'.

    Good Luck :) !!!

    Chloe McCardel
  • MandaiMandai Charter Member
    Thanks Niek & Chloe!

    Chloe - I was planning to come to MB last week of Jan but now hearing of the BloodyBigSwim I might push it back for a week. Will email you...
    Thanks again, Tobias
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