Driven: the Marathon Swimming Documentary



  • rlmrlm Senior Member

    THIS is true G R I T...The conditions were impossible but you did it anyway. THANKS for sharing this awesome footage of a great channel swim. Vivid, compelling, awesome!

  • evmoevmo SydneyAdmin
    edited September 2017

    Thanks @rlm. There have been longer swims, colder swims, choppier swims. A couple hours of Force 5 at night, but it settled down after sunrise. Challenging but not impossible. I made it tougher by under-training for it.

    I think it's noteworthy not for the swim itself but because it's rare for swims to be documented with high-end video equipment. It's notoriously hard to create compelling video of a marathon swim. I almost opted out of Driven early on... but I'm glad I didn't. I feel deeply fortunate to have this moment of my life chronicled.

  • JerryJerry Kodiak, AKMember

    Thanks for sharing! this is inspirational for me!

  • Copelj26Copelj26 ChicagoSenior Member

    My wife is away for the weekend at a knitting retreat (the offset to my swimming travels) so finally sat down and watched this with the dogs, while they slept through it, I was thoroughly enthralled, reminded me of so many things on my own swims and the end sentiments of what comes next having achieved a goal

  • KatieKatie Charlotte, NCMember

    I just downloaded the film last week and it was a fun watch. I've sat through several marathon-running related movies with my husband and enjoyed those, but it was a special treat to see a movie focused solely on the sport of swimming which is so near and dear to my heart.

  • smithsmith Huntsville, AlabamaSenior Member

    Saw this for the first time yesterday. Wasn't sure what to expect, as this genre can sometimes drift into hyperbole and overdramatization.

    Thankfully, this definitely wasn't the case. Rather, the focus was on multi-dimensional hard, cold reality. In short, the struggles of 3 marathon swimmers of varying degrees of competence battling through an alien environment (the ocean/Mother Nature), and how they deal with acute psychophysiological stress.

    The protagonists are presented as regular human beings attempting something extraordinarily difficult, as opposed to superhumans with preternatural gifts who seem almost predestined to automatically succeed at anything they try.

    Loved Mr. Yudovin's comparison between swimming and running. That will stick with me for quite some time.

    Unquestionably, I'll keep this movie on my radar monthly over the next year. The goal is to do a series of ultra-marathons beginning in April 2019, with hopes of ending the season in my home state of California in about 10-12 months.

    All told, very well done and greatly appreciated. This is how a movie about marathon swimming should be presented.


    Keep moving forward.

  • glennglenn cape town SAMember

    really must get a copy of this movie

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