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All the best to our friends on the U.S. Eastern seaboard & Midwest, who are currently digging out from under that monster storm. I hope everyone is safe and property damage minimal. Here are some photos @CaitlinRosen took this morning at Brighton Beach in New York City - a familiar and beloved swim spot to many on this Forum. (Caitlin, I hope you don't mind me posting these; let me know if not.)



  • Of course it is alright to use these pictures. It is pretty unbelievable what is on the beach (the pictures don't really do it justice). In addition to personal belongings, boats, and toys, there are many pieces of homes: decks, stairs, chairs, a refrigerator (full of food!), armchairs, etc. I'm not sure if the stuff came from NJ, Breezy Point across the way, or perhaps further? I saw at least 2 coconuts (??!!).

    For anyone in the NYC area who has access to transportation, please come join us today at noon. We are going to do our best to initiate the clean-up. There were tons of people out at the beach yesterday wandering, taking pictures, etc. Hopefully people will be motivated to join in the effort. For now, we figure we can move things away from the water and make piles up by the boardwalk.
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