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I am booked for a solo attempt in 2014, and plan on spending weekends from May 2014 in Dover building up the hours and acclimatising. Next year I would also like to do some training there too. What is the form re registering with the group, and is it OK to do it in half measures? I am planning Windermere next July.

Any advice is appreciated!


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    The announcement (including paperwork) for the 2012 Dover training season is here:

    So, I'd expect the info for the 2013 season to be released in April, but that it will be largely similar.

    For future reference, there are a couple easy ways of finding the above thread, even though it was posted six months ago:

    1. Search for the word 'Dover' in the box in the upper-right corner of the main Discussions page.

    2. Click the 'english-channel' tag.
  • Thanks very much. I will keep a look out! Best - Jason
  • Jason have you joined the 'channel group' forum? If not send Nick Adams an email on and he'll add you to the list. Details of Dover training and the upcoming season will be notified there first.
  • I have joined this group thanks!

    Nick was very helpful.

    Great to be part of the community!

  • ZoeSadlerZoeSadler Charter Member
    Hi Jason
    I will be training in Dover again from May 2013 and again from May 2014 so I am sure I will see you down there. (You will be popular if you bring cake!)
  • Hey Zoe,

    I've read your blog on a successful 2012 EC season. Well done!
    I like cake a lot! And fry-ups. Not to mention beer and curry.
    The joy of heavy training and 'eating what the hell you want'!

    Happy winter pool training.

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