Your 2013 Season



  • Just finished up with my season and it was a blast! All events that involved swimming:
    -John Daly 1 mile swim
    -Stars and Stripes Aquathlon (1500m swim 5km run)
    -Wayland 3 mile swim
    -Mashpee 5km swim
    -Brooklyn Bridge swim (1 mile)
    -NYC Triathlon (Olympic)
    -Governor's Island (2 miles)
    -Wild Fish 2 mile swim
    -Catalina Channel
    -Little Red Lighthouse Swim (10km with current)
    -Bermuda Round The Sound (10km)

    I don't want the season to be over!
  • Holy cow,@Leadhyena! This is quite a swim repertoire!

    Kudos and congrats to all of you.
  • Had a fan-tas-tic season & wanted to thank - chronologically

    AZ SCAR Swims
    Kent Nicholas, Anna Van Winkle, Jon Ford & fellow swimmers Dave Barra, Barbara Held, Grace Van Der Byl, Roger Finch, Ned Denison, Bob Needham, Greg O'Connor, etc etc

    8 Bridges Hudson River Swims
    Rondi Davis, Dave Barra, Greg & Amanda Porteus, Gary Gryzbek, Jim More, Lisa Neidrauer , Eileen Burke & fellow swimmers Willie Miller, Hannah Borgeson, Patricia Sener, Capri etc etc

    P2P Cape Cod Bay Swim
    Greg O'Connor, Elaine Howley, Dave Barra, Eileen Burke & Ted Thomas

    Tsugaru Channel
    Steve Munatones, Moriya-San, Capt Mizushima & Kumiko

    Plus my family & friends & Eileen Burke & Noam Siegel to whom I dedicated all this season

    What's next!?! Can't wait til next year!
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