A Request To Race Directors

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Just a quick request to all race directors (who we appreciate to no end): If you announce the date, cost and other details of your race as early as humanly possible, it is GREATLY appreciated by swimmers. It helps with planning which races to do, how to train, and scraping up the $$ to do them. Plus, with the holidays coming up, those who must resort to out-right spousal bribery can plan their bribe budget and how many convenience stores will need to be robbed to make it.

I know it's a huge undertaking to be an RD and you have other lives, but anything along these lines is a real help. And yes, we really do appreciate all you do - especially when putting up with a bunch of neurotic, whining swimmers.


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  • FilFil Derby, VTCharter Member
    You just got our NEKOWSA 2013 swim announcement with link to the actual listings. 11 days of swims. Do you want the actual dates on a calendar or actually detailed on the forums page?
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    You go LBJ! +1!

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