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  • Has anyone gotten a response from the org that does the Gibraltar swim? Their website said, or did say, to contact them in November for the next year. I did and they said they were booked for 2018. I asked them when I should contact them for 2019. I didn't hear back from them. I contacted them in January of this year to inquire about next year, and again last week. I've not heard anything back from them since November of last year.

    I have to have at least some time to prepare and I need six months or so of lead time to ask off from work for 2-3 weeks. I get they lots of interest, but 6 months seems a bit excessive for not answering an email.

  • Well, I got an email from them this morning. It was two weeks, which is better then the no answer I got from six months ago. This is part of what I got in response, which seems to say there is now a two year waiting period.

    "Have in mind that people since two year are waiting, the demand grows but the conditions in the strait are the same, few possibilities and a lot of swimmers, we work for give the opportunity to all but all we loves this sport knows how works. All cancelations have to be repositioned on the next year."

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    I waited 2 years for a spot, but managed to get a cancellation this year in April. It’s frustrating but having swum now I completely understand the organizations problems. We managed to get off on the last day of an 8 day window, but the rest of the window was a blow out. I think with this swim you just need to patience and keep sending the e-mails. Laura and team work hard to slot as many swimmers in as they can, given the weather conditions in the straits and the restrictions by the authorities

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    Does anyone know of a forum for places in Gibraltar Strait crossings like the FB page for EC relays? I am keen to swim this next season (2019).
    I have been on the waiting list since the 2016 season and have just found out that I am unlikely to have a slot next year (2019).
    Do you think there is a priority for groups over solos?

  • brunobruno Barcelona (Spain)Senior Member

    Last April, David Meca created a new association: Gibraltar Swimming Association.

    I sent them an email asking for info you won't find in the website (which by the way, I'm in awe it's only in Spanish!). In their own words:

    > We are totally independent from ACNEG. This is a personal project of David Meca.

    They say their waiting list is shorter than ACNEG's, but they wouldn't specify waiting times (though I mentioned in my mail the standard 2 to 3 years). They just said:

    > Like ACNEG, we are conditioned by the rules which states that only 4 swimmers can be swimming at the same time.

    IMO, this means that waiting times will increase, because permits will keep the same, but there will be 2 queues, so both will move forward slower - unless they reach an agreement to optimize the distribution of slots (but this might take a few years for them to realize).

    They haven't publicized any list of potential swimmers (neither in the site, nor social media), so I suppose they don't expect any crossing in the near future. In any case, anyone wanting an English translation of any part of their site, don't hesitate to ask me.

  • brunobruno Barcelona (Spain)Senior Member

    Oh, I forgot, I asked for their rates. For an individual crossing:

    • Pilot boat: 850 Eur
    • Support & firs-aid boat: 400 Eur
    • Ambulance, paramedical: 200 Eur
    • Organization, permits...: 250 Eur
    • Other expenses (no details here): 250 Eur
    • TOTAL: 1950 Eur

    For groups (up to 4 swimmers): add 550 Eur per swimmer.

    Reservation will be confirmed upon payment of 20% of the total cost.

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    back in business

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    WHEW! great, really trying to get in next august (2020). fingers crossed.

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    Anyone swimming the Straits of Gibraltar the week of August 13th? Would love to connect with you!

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