Chesapeake Bay swim lottery

TriBeeTriBee Member
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Anybody have any idea how many people enter the 4.4 Ches bay lottery, and what percentage get in?


  • nvr2latenvr2late Central VirginiaCharter Member
    Tribee, Last year I signed up for the lottery with my training partner. He got in and I did not - so I opted to swim the one miler. I think that the ratio was about 1200 people entered the lottery for (I think) 600 spots. That is the total amount of participants allowed, and that number is decreased by the number of charity early bird spots, which I did this year, to avoid the lottery. So depending on the number of early bird spots, will reduce the total - last year I think there were 125 early birds, leaving the balance for the lottery to total 600. You can find out more by going to It is a great day - and I am really looking forward to doing the 4.4 swim next June.
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