Registration now open for Cork (Ireland) Distance Week 2013

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It's a little bit later next year due to volunteer availability, July 6 to 13th. You are still not guaranteed warm water or good weather though, you never are in Ireland. Expect water temperatures 11 to 14C.

The week starts with an easy play swim on Friday evening, then daily twice two hour swims with forays further for some evening or day-time swims. First daily swim is at 6am. Swims are held across the south coast, from Garnish Island in Kerry, Lough Hyne (Steve Redmond's training location), Ballycotton, Garryvoe, Ballycroneen, Inishcarra reservoir, the Copper Coast (hopefully, got blown out this year) and of course Sandycove island itself, where the morning swims are usually held. Weeks total distance has ranged from 90k to 140k over the past four years, usually though totalling around 100k over 9 days.

Cost is low to cover incidentals and safety cover costs for some swims but you cover your own travel and accommodation arrangements. If you stay in the Kinsale area, it's possible to car share with other Camp attendees. Sandycove itself is about 10 minutes cycles from the historic town, Cork city is about 30 minutes drive away.

The second weekend comprises the TBBC on Saturday and Qualification swims on Sunday. The TBBC, Total Brain and Body Confusion swim, will involve swimmers getting in the water with no idea what their crew, aka Torturers, will make them do. Legends abound of the volunteer's cruelty. All are true. There is a significant chance of seeing Ned Denison's backside, generally considered the worst torture.

On Sunday, the volunteers reverse roles and become nice, and we focus on helping you with your qualification swim, lasting from four hours up to ten hours (your choice).

You will leave the Cork Distance Week an experienced open water swimmer if you are not already one, with an intimate understanding of cold rough water and ready for almost anything the sea will throw at you.

The volunteers are mostly local Channel and marathon swimmers, of whom there are over 20, so the local knowledge and experience is high. Many, if not most, will swim with the group at various times during the week or weekends.

You will make lasting friends, discover your own capabilities and just what this craic that Irish people talk about is.

Despite the link below, entrance is by INVITATION ONLY. If you complete the link without an invitation, you have just made a donation.

How do you get an invitation? It is contingent on explaining your experience and target. It is not a week for beginners but Invitations are issued by asking for them.

Contact me by PM and I will give you @Ned's email address, or email him directly if you have his email address. (Don't PM him, it'll take too long to get a response). link.

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