Injury Prevention

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I am currently experiencing severe pain in the neck, left shoulder and arm and down the left shoulder blade. The doctor thinks that this may be a slipped disc and I am awaiting the results of an MRI. While this may or may not have come from swimming, it got me to thinking that I have not been doing very much in the way of dry land exercises to help prevent muscle imbalances, though I have been doing (irregularly) exercises for the rotator cuff.

With all of the very experienced swimmers on this forum, could I ask what you do to prevent injuries (strength training and stretching)? By way of introduction, I have been swimming most of my life, on community and school swim teams thru high-school, and have kept swimming at a much lower volume since, though life factors do get in the way. This year I have discovered the joy of open water swimming and have been steadily building my miles. The Coney Island Aquarium 5K was to be my distance event this year, but as luck would have it a pretty strong storm cancelled the event. My goal is to work my way up to a 10K next year. I really appreciate this forum as well as the blogs of some of it's members, as I am learning quite a bit about the sport.

Thanks in advance.
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