Swim the Suck 2024

IronMikeIronMike Northern VirginiaCharter Member

Anyone else going to Chattanooga in October? Swim the Suck will be on Oct 5th. This one will be my fifth.

Can't wait. Best race in the country. But I am biased.

We're all just carbon, water, starlight, oxygen and dreams



  • Openh2oOpenh2o Member

    Good luck!
    Looks cool swim!

  • sarahcassidysarahcassidy Las Vegas, NVMember
    edited April 11

    I won't be there this year. Too soon after my Catalina Channel swim. I've done Swim the Suck twice now and I agree, it's the best race in the country! If you haven't done Swim the Suck before, DO IT!

    Plenty to do and see in the area as well - Rock City Gardens, Ruby Falls, Lookout Mountain (site of the Civil War's Battle Above the Clouds), Chickamauga-Chattanooga National Military Park (site of Chickamauga Battlefield and Union General William Rosecrans' epic blunder if you're into Civil War history), and many more.

    The only con is that the Chattanooga airport isn't the easiest or cheapest to fly into, but several major airports and affordable direct flights are within ~2 hours' drive: Atlanta, Nashville, Knoxville, Huntsville, and Birmingham.

  • VswimVswim Nebraska New Member
    edited April 23

    I will be making my first attempt! Looking forward to it! Any advice is appreciated. Kinda curious about whether the current is a help or not. Thanks!

  • MtuleyMtuley St. John, IndianNew Member

    Hi everyone. I also am excited to be swimming this for the first time. Is there anything unique to expect?

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