Milestone Achievements (for personal glory)

curlycurly Issaquah, WASenior Member

Sorry about the title but I couldn't think of a concise way to title this. I was ruminating during my swim today and thinking about times, distances, and age. There is a big deal in golf about shooting your age. A low score in golf is really hard to do, so the pros tend to hit these really low scores, but they're also young and at the top of their game. As you get older, your score tends to increase. But there is a sweet spot where you might be old, but you are still pretty good. And one nice day you have a great game and you shoot your age. Neat.

So I started thinking about that because I was doing some 100 repeats and it occurred to me that you could shoot your age in swimming a 100 free if you looked at your time in total seconds. That sweet spot starts to hit in middle age and there are swimmers in their 50's who can do it. But not too many. I'm pretty close to being able to do it and I think I may just dial things up a notch and see if I can pull it off around my birthday if not sooner. My birthday will add a second, and that may be helpful...

Anyway, that got me to thinking if there were some equivalents in marathon swimming. I haven't thought of any cool ones yet, but it would be kind of fun to have something like that because it's a great way to respect one of the key aspects of endurance sports, which is the ability to be alive longer than anyone else in your age group. I plan to dominate Masters Swimming when I am 130 years old. A 2:10 100 freestyle might be doable.

And that 100 free might be considered the marathon distance for the 130 and over age group.



  • curlycurly Issaquah, WASenior Member

    OK, I'm going to add to my own stupid post... It seems to me that the quandary here is that marathon achievements tend to be higher and higher mileage accomplishments. Time tends to be a secondary issue. So the problem is that as your age number grows higher, your distance accomplishment also needs to grow higher. While that is certainly doable, it isn't quite the interesting intersection of age/time or age/score as described above.

    So without giving it too much thought, I have one idea that might be an interesting goal for those refusing to act their age. How about a milestone of a swim that is 100 minus your distance in miles = your age. So for example a 40 year old swims a 60 mile distance or a 70 year old swims a 30 mile distance. In my head, those seem achievable but also remarkable. Which is the whole point of having cool milestones to accomplish as you get older.

    Plus what's really neat is that when I'm 95 I can knock off a five miler and go have lunch. You thirty year olds have got your work cut out for you.

    Addendum: Perhaps there's a way of figuring out a fancy scheme with kilometers where the numbers come out nicely, but I'm mathematically challenged and so I have no intention of delving into that morass.

  • rlmrlm Senior Member

    Maybe identify Marathon Swimmers over 60 or over 70 who have completed channel swims like Catalina or Lake Tahoe for special recognition? I bet there are a few (i.e. Jimmy McConica) but not many? In any case, adding incentives/badges to aim for and to eventually accomplish would be great for the sport.

  • Good (and funny) post for older swimmers @curly I think finding creative ways to set new goals is a great motivator at any age, but I'm skeptical of your 100 minus challenge even with the miles to km adjustment..... :wink: :smile:

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