A year of swimming adventures

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I realise that compared to many others here I’m a relatively novice. But after an interesting year discovering new joys from swimming - from cold-water to long-distance experiences - I’ve written up my story from the last few months (see link at bottom).


On Saturday 6 January 2024, I swam solo unassisted and non-stop from Kawau Island to Tiri Tiri Matangi Island in Auckland’s Hauraki Gulf. It took me 7hrs 35mins to swim 18.5km which was about 2hrs longer and 2km further than I had planned.

Weather conditions varied between clear and calm, heavy rain with low visibility, through to strong
headwinds and adverse tides.

In the latter stages I almost gave up several times, as I realised that my plan had fallen apart, the enormity of the self-imposed goal that I had set myself finally sunk in and self-doubt filled my head.

As a 55-year-old ‘average guy’, why did I do this?

And what – or who – motivated me to do this?

Read more: link to pdf

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