Best months for Strait of Gibraltar?

KswimsKswims San Diego, CAMember

Hi all, I am starting the process of submitting my application to ACNEG for the Strait of Gibraltar swim many times until they respond (haha). Does anyone have the intel for which months (out of April - November) are best to do the swim, in terms of weather and conditions? Just wanted to indicate accordingly on my application. Also, any tips for getting a response from them? Thanks so much :)



  • angel55angel55 Granada (Spain)Member

    Hello. Perhaps you have already seen it, on their website they have a calendar with the pros and cons of each month. I went at the beginning of July and I had good weather and water temperature, but the next day bad weather came in and it lasted a week.

  • BogdanZBogdanZ Bucharest, RomaniaSenior Member

    Maybe another good question is "which year" :smile:

  • KswimsKswims San Diego, CAMember

    Yes I did see that @angel55 - thank you! Wanted to see if anyone had personal experience related advice too, thanks so much :)

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