UltraSwim 33.3 #2 Montenegro 28th September - 02 October 2023

A new category of open-water swim event

An Epic Adventure Swim Race™, but so much more than just a race.

Entries for #2 Montenegro are now open! 28th September - 02 October 2023

Think multi-stage car Rally not Formula One™.
Think ultra-trail not road-running marathon.

Complete 33.3km, the iconic English Channel distance, over a 4 day long weekend, in a point-to-point open water ‘off-road’ format (we hate laps!). Set in iconic and stunning global locations, with varied and challenging conditions which will push you up against your physical and mental limits. And beyond. But you’ll get through it, with amazing support around you, and you’ll be rewarded! Sharing this experience with incredible like-minded swimmers from all over the world, special memories and lifelong bonds will be formed. Do it all backed by world class event management, the highest levels of safety cover and premium support services - we want you to be able to swim like a pro.

Choose from 3 sporting formats & 3 comfort packages.
SOLO (the big monster option!), DUO RELAY (share the distance, great intro option if you’re not sure), and TEAMS (4 swimmers full SOLO event, with cumulative time to count adding an extra dimension).

Then choose your comfort and support level, ULTRA (premium) or ULTRA+ (think business class), and ULTRA++ for those time-restricted executives looking for super luxury package.

Come as a couple or family: they get involved in the event, or make the most of the great location. Swimming all done by lunchtime every day!

Visit our website for more details - or contact us!

+33 6 11 71 42 04

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