Determining BF score for wind

In an effort to get better at determining the wind speed using Beaufort.....
I estimated the wind to be force 2 or 3....but,
what's the consensus of the group for what these conditions would be?:

(video uploaded to YouTube)


  • Hi @Sara_Wolf. It's difficult without any reference points on land to consider as well, but I think your estimate is pretty good. I would lean towards F2 based on the video.

  • Thanks, YorkshireTom!

    I did manage to find a windfinder report from that day, and it tracks with 2 or 3, depending specific time and whether gusting or not.

    I agree, that it's likely more like 2..... there just weren't quite enough white caps to be solidly a 3.
    Do I have that correct?

  • I think your reasoning is sound there @Sara_Wolf . The issue I always find with continuous scales like BF is that they can be so subjective. But for our needs, if you're in the right ballpark that should be sufficient. I'd welcome others' thoughts, but I think you have a really good handle on it.

  • Agree!
    If it's the same person making the determination....
    And THAT person uses the SAME criteria....
    even if "off" by a bit, it's at least consistently off, so that broad trends can be considered reliable.

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