Summer Swim

I know there are lists out there, but I am wanting expert advice. After almost three years of major surgeries on my lower extremities (full knee replacement and full foot, ankle, and Achilles reconstruction on both feet), I am ready to finally get back in the water. I am looking for a major swim to do, in the U.S. in July. Preferably within driving distance from Wisconsin. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. All the best.



  • sarahcassidysarahcassidy Las Vegas, NVMember

    How far of a distance are you looking for? This calendar is my go-to: Whole Shebang.html

  • MLambyMLamby Senior Member

    I am looking for something fairly significant in order to give me some urgency to get my butt in gear. :) I know it's a fairly wide range, but anything between 8 and 15 miles should be manageable for me by July if I get after it soon. Thanks so much and all the best!

  • sarahcassidysarahcassidy Las Vegas, NVMember

    I don't see anything within driving distance of Wisconsin except for END-WET (36 miles, either solo or relay) in ND-MN or Swim to the Moon 10K in MI.

  • sarahcassidysarahcassidy Las Vegas, NVMember

    As for July swims nationwide, I just registered for the 11-mile Portland Bridge Swim on July 9 in Oregon. Would that work? I've heard great things about it. Registration just opened on Saturday.

  • How far of a drive is TN? There is bridges to bluffs as well as swim the suck that are in the summer. I've done both, and they are super good events. Bridges to Bluffs had locally brewed moonshine as finisher "trophies" last year, so they win the award for creative SWAG (in my eyes).

  • kejoycekejoyce New EnglandSenior Member

    It's be a long drive, but the Kingdom Swim has 10mi and 25k options, plus a big ol' beach bash at the end of the day. Saturday July 29 this year. If you haven't met memphre, she's worth the drive :D

  • MLambyMLamby Senior Member

    Thanks for the advice! I will check all of these out. All the best!

  • BackToRootsBackToRoots United StatesNew Member

    Swim to the Moon was my first open water swim. It is AWESOME; great support, pretty scenery, fun and friendly people. Done on a dare, made me start moving towards open water swimming. Plus you get to say you went for a swim in Hell (Michigan)...

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