Any aspiring channel swimmers for 2023?

I managed to book a slot late 2023 and are looking for other swimmers next year to connect with.
Would love to get one more to assist on the boat as well.
Ramping up my training regime now before xmas and it would be nice to communicate with other swimmers, exchange ideas, thoughts etc.


  • sarahcassidysarahcassidy Las Vegas, NVMember

    Which channel(s)?

  • EbolaSwimmerEbolaSwimmer SverigeNew Member

    @bresar said:
    Which channel(s)?

    Sorry... English Channel

  • sarahcassidysarahcassidy Las Vegas, NVMember

    I have a 2025 slot for the English Channel so I'd love to hear about your training and swim if you're inclined to share.

  • Cat93Cat93 LondonNew Member

    @EbolaSwimmer I've also got a slot for this year - currently feeling a mixture of nervousness and excitement and am very much enjoying the challenge!

    Hope your training is going well!

  • FlotsamFlotsam UKNew Member

    Good luck!

    I'm booked for 2025 :#

  • marysingermarysinger Vashon, WANew Member

    I also have an EC slot for 2025 (Catalina this year). I'd be interesting in hearing about your training and swim as well.

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