speedo vanquisher nosepieces

I've discovered (because my master's coach is great, and clued me in!), that the likely reason that my eyebrows and bridge of my nose consistently go numb after about an hour in the pool, is because I had the wrong size nosepiece in my goggles. I have always just used the one that came with them. MISTAKE.

Now, I have several pairs of vanquishers with the wrong size nosepiece, but I've long since tossed the extra ones away. Does anyone by chance have any "medium" nosepieces laying around that they don't need? I'm happy to pay shipping!

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Chagrinned swimmer who owes her coach lunch for being nice and not calling her a fool!


  • abbygirlroseabbygirlrose Los Angeles and Palo Alto, CASenior Member

    @Sara_Wolf I probably do since I wear the large... let me check and I will message you!

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