Rottnest Channel Swim 2022 in a few days

Anyone here involved, or know someone that is?

I have a few swimming friends all doing solos.

A bit more remarkable is Jeremy McClure. I've "bumped" into him a few times at Melville Pool in Perth where his guide dog patiently waits while he trains. A friend was a guide for one of his double crossings. This time he is doing backstroke all the way, 20km! And only 2 weeks ago he did a 40km crossing from Dirk Hartog Island to Denham at Shark Bay about 500km north of Perth.

From Swimming WA FB post:
If swimming backstroke solo to Rottnest is considered gutsy, then we don’t know how to describe swimming 40km across shark infested waters when you’re legally blind! ?
Four-time Paralympian and WA-local, Jeremy McClure, seems to have no fear when it comes to open water swimming.
The 34-year-old is swimming his eleventh solo crossing to Rottnest on Saturday, but rather than the conventional freestyle approach, the soon-to-be father has decided to swim this upcoming crossing entirely in backstroke for the fourth time in his career! ?
While this is an intimidating goal, it seems easy for the full-time masseur considering he recently swam 40km from Dirk Hartog Island to Denham in the north of WA!
Setting off at sunrise and accompanied by two guide swimmers who tethered themselves to Jeremy via a bungee cord, the gruelling and intimidating task on February 12th took 12hrs22mins! ?
Throughout open water swims, McClure will use the pressure of the bungee cord to gage how close he is to the guide swimmer. If the cord pressure is tight, he’ll know he’s too far away. If he’s too close, he’ll bang into the guide. It’s a fine balancing act! ?
Having only two weeks off to recover, McClure will be back in the water swimming his backstroke 19.7km solo this weekend! He’s also completed two double-crossings to Rottnest previously!
Make sure you give this inspirational man the loudest cheer possible at the finish if you’re heading across to the island! ?
Good luck Jeremy! ?

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