Florida Keys

Hi All- I am wondering if there is any Open Water Swimming in the (Upper) Keys? Are conditions favorable? Sharky? Jellyfishy? Yes, it's hot, I know, but have you have swum there or do you know of any groups who regularly get in to the water there? FWIW I looked at the "Swimming in Florida" chain but it wasn't specific enough and yes, I know about Swim Around Key West and Alligator Light... just thinking about everyday stuff not events...THANKS!


  • ismuqattashismuqattash Long Island, NYMember

    I'll be at SAKW for the first time this year, and I am not from FL. But I think if you email Lori @ lori.bosco@cfk.edu, she is listed as the contact for SAKW. I think she is the swim coach at the community college there.

    Or you can get a hold of Islamorada’s masters swimmers, who train at the Olympic-sized pool at the Ron Levy Aquatic Center in Founders Park (per an article I read online).

    Or for that matter maybe reach out to any of the USMS swim teams in the area for more info. You can find clubs @ https://www.usms.org/clubs.

    Hope this helps.

  • swimmer25kswimmer25k Charter Member

    I’m a South Florida native and the Keys aren’t really a great place to swim. Finding a place to even put in is tough. Varying depths, conditions, and boat traffic are constant threats. Cuts between the islands are very tidal and will pull you through if you’re too close. It isn’t very sharky, but barracuda are very prevalent.

    The best water to train in is up from Hollywood to Fort Lauderdale beaches. Nice and straight with beach guards everywhere.

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