Swim Around Key West - Accomodations

ismuqattashismuqattash Long Island, NYMember
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Hi y'all - For those that have done the Swim Around Key West:

1) Where did you stay at a reasonable price (two adults).

2) Do you need to rent a car to get around?

Thanks. Looking forward to doing this (20k version).



  • MLambyMLamby Senior Member
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    We stayed at Sunrise Seaside Suites. It was affordable and a really good location. I would recommend some means of transportation while you are there. Cars, Scoot Coupes, Golf Carts all available between 90-100 bucks a day. Make sure to check out Higgs and Zach Taylor beach parks. If you want to breakfast like a local, make sure to go to Goldman's Bagel Deli.

  • MLambyMLamby Senior Member

    I just checked their website. $145.00 per night. That's pretty good for Key West.

  • ismuqattashismuqattash Long Island, NYMember

    Thanks for all this! Do you have a link handy?

  • ismuqattashismuqattash Long Island, NYMember

    Much much appreciated! Just to clarify, this was about 3 hour drive to the race start?

  • MLambyMLamby Senior Member
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    And of course I messed it up. Sent the wrong link. Bluh. LOL. Here is the actual place, although it's a bit more ($200 per night) then when we went, and another nice little place for $165. These are actually IN Key West. LOL!

    If you want any other help, just private message or email me (MLamby1965@yahoo.com) I love helping people with travel stuff. For me, that's half the fun of doing these swims. All the best.

  • ismuqattashismuqattash Long Island, NYMember

    You're the best! Thanks bud!

  • Kari33Kari33 PennsylvaniaNew Member

    We stayed at the Southernmost. https://thesouthernmostinn.com/

    Car is optional. We rented bikes for the week and primarily got around that way, with the exception of a handful of excursions. Car was helpful for packet pick up and race day.

  • lgssfablgssfab United StatesNew Member

    Going to be doing the 20k as well! Nice to know someone else will be there. Maybe we could meet up in key west.

  • Openh2oOpenh2o Member
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    Beautiful Key West swim is Great!
    All was fantastic! Top organization and course!
    I stay here and was so satisfied! Have nice big room and big comfy bed nice breakfast and pool.bus to centre and ...many rooster!)))
    I remember that KW is not cheap! Hotels are expensive!
    This Fairfield Marriott was fantastic!
    But most important are memories!
    Be health and Good luck all!

  • ismuqattashismuqattash Long Island, NYMember

    Thanks everyone! @lgssfab would be great to meet up with you there!

  • 2 july 2022!
    Key West swim!

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