Mauritius - long distance swimming and swimmers?

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I have had the amazing luck of getting a work posting in/on Mauritius for the next couple of years, starting this month. Not good for cold water acclimatisation, but I'll take it anyway B)

Does anybody have experience with long distance swimming there, know people there who might be interested in joining me for long training swims (perhaps you live there yourself?), ... ? Any information and advice is welcome.

(And in case you go there for a holiday and want to go for a swim, don't hesitate to contact me, I'll be happy to hook up and go for a swim together/point out good spots once I am familiar with the place.)



  • Mauritius sound great!
    U must be lucky!
    On my opinion on island u can prepear so good for some long ..again!)))
    Health and good luck with new adventure ( place and job)

  • MvGMvG MauritiusCharter Member

    Thanks. Will practice my finish before I come to Murshidabad again...

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    Little update on swimming in Mauritius for future reference for those swimmers who may find it useful/are considering a stay here.

    I have found a fun group of speedy swimmers, ranging from people in their 20s up to 60s, all based in the North of the island, who go for early morning swims (6.30) from varying starting points on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays (communicating through a WhatsApp group 'Sink or Swim'). Some are happy to swim on other days and during weekends as well. It's all very relaxed, friendly, and ad lib, though usually at a serious pace.
    I have done some longer solo and duo swims (up to 12 kms) along the coast as well now. Apart from (mostly bleached) corals plenty of fish as well as sea turtles. Visibility varies, but usually ok. Sun is ferocious later in the day, and water temperatures in the lagoons close to the beach can get uncomfortably warm in the Southern Hemisphere Summer. It takes some getting used to, and carrying water during long swims is highly advisable imho.

    There are 4 small islands to the North of the island, crossing distances to/from mainland vary between 5 and 28 kms. Several of these crossings have been done already by swimmers by the above group.

    Extra bonus for those considering a swim boot camp: in the middle of the island there is a gobsmackingly beautiful covered but open air Olympic pool complex (Côte d'Or) looking out on Mauritius' hills, open to the public from 6.30 am until 9 pm, entry appr. 3 euros. I usually have an entire 50m lane to myself... The pool water is cooler than the sea.

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