Big Richards swim/run

MandaiMandai Charter Member
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Does anybody have details about the Big Richards 7m swim/20m run? Would like to consider but cannot find any further info on the web.
TQ, Tobias


  • MunatonesMunatones Charter Member
    There is not a website and it is one of the "word-of-mouth" endurance races that pops up here and there, but you can contact Matty Mitchell at or just show up at the Wedge (Newport Beach) with your goggles and swimsuit and head 27 miles to the Queen Mary with the group of lifeguards and fitness fanatics. The Big Red Bus will be cruising along the course, picking up any stranglers or those who cannot finish, but it is like the Mega - just show up to show your stuff

    Steven Munatones
    Huntington Beach, California, U.S.A.

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