64km Lake Constance crossing

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If anybody is keen to make it into the German history books of OWS here is your chance:
The 4th attempt to cross Lake Constance recently failed. It is a 64km swim, with temperatures between 0 - 26 ' Celsius, depending on the season.
Here is the link, in German though, so I'm using a Google translate link. If that isn't good enough, I'd be happy to translate:


They also have a 12km and 38km swim.


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    I need to qualify this (thanks @Niek for pointing this out). There has been no official crossing of the Lake under the regulation of the "Bodenseequeerung" organisation.
    However, Kirsten Seidel did an unofficial crossing on 12 Aug 2012 when she was attempting to swim the along the perimeter of the Lake (136km). She pulled out after 36hrs or 70+km. By doing that she apparently did do the whole crossing, but there was no observer.

    After checking with the "Bodenseequeerung" orga they replied the following "Unfortunately, on the basis of newspaper articles and personal opinions about the swim we cannot record it as a successful crossing of Lake Constance. In order for a swim under our regulations to be be considered successful, the presence of Observers is (as is the case with all such swims) required for the crossing of Lake Constance, which monitors compliance with the regulations. The swim was logged but not as a Constance crossing. That it was nevertheless an extraordinary performance is of course not questioned."

    So, officially not, but unofficially, Kisten was indeed the "first"; but we don't know any details of her swim. Though I would give her the moral benefit of doubt that she did follow EC like rules as she is an accomplished swimmer.
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