Winter / Early Spring swim events in US

ismuqattashismuqattash Long Island, NYMember
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Hey guys - I've combed through the various event calendars and some older threads on the site and it struck me as there are hardly any events listed for Feb-April. Looking for an upcoming 10-12 miler in warmer (70ish degree) waters (maybe near Florida or Midwest would be warm that time of the year)? Or is this wishful thinking? Trying to use this as a qualifying swim (requirement is 6 hours or 10 mile minimum) . Too cold by me in New York that time of year so figured if I am going far from home then an organized event is easiest (just show up, little planning, etc compared to planning my own swim).

Wishful thinking or does anyone know of an event that fits the bill somewhere in the US?



  • ismuqattashismuqattash Long Island, NYMember

    I'd try to squeeze in something this Fall but I'm not quite ready for a swim that long and my shoulder will yell at me if I attempted this now!

  • SoOHIOSwimarathonerSoOHIOSwimarathoner Springboro Ohio Member

    Half of a Two-person relay for the Tampa Bay Marathon swim would probably get you in that time/distance-range, maybe?…and, Yes, I realize there is a glaring elephant-in-the-room with this idea, but just a thought.

  • j9swimj9swim CharlestonSenior Member

    There’s a new one being advertised for April from fresh start swim series. There’s an 8k listed. I have no other info but looks like that might work for you. Looks similar to the old Lido Keys swim.

  • StLucia_ChannelStLucia_Channel Saint Lucia Member

    If you want to travel a "little" further south than FL, we can put together a swim for you in gorgeous crystal clear warm waters.
    We have plenty of blue sea!

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