Oceanman Croatia

boobooabooboobooaboo Seattle, WA, United StatesNew Member

Is anyone thinking about doing Oceanman Croatia? Thinking it would be an awesome travel race, with the opportunity to do 2 swims.



  • Openh2oOpenh2o Member
    edited June 2021

    Croatia is paradaise for ow swim!
    She is incredable!
    I do Faros maraton (16km) island Hvar befor years!
    Was unforgetable!

  • Is anyone thinking abouth doing Pefki? Authentic maraton swim 10km!
    I planing swim this sunday.but have one problem...i have 12 pool swim for 56 days!)
    This will be my first maraton swim withaut training!
    I hope just be fun!

  • Openh2oOpenh2o Member
    edited July 2021

    Befor few days i sey "hope be fun"!!!
    But i survaive and finish 10k!
    I will sey for my new"fun"swim later! Now i have personal record- swim maybe 200m for 1h.50min! Really fun and memorable!
    Pefki is cool place.but very interesting eagean sea!

  • curlycurly Issaquah, WASenior Member

    @Openh2o Nice going! I'm too timid to try a long swim without working up to it, so I'm impressed that you can just jump in and go with no real training to speak of. Also, sometimes I think the nightmare experiences are more memorable. So you will always remember this swim and you will also remember how amazing it is that you can just get in the water an go, even without much training.

  • Openh2oOpenh2o Member
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    Curly u 100% right!
    I remember all my swims in detail.i always looking for adventure. fun and joy! But....that was crazy.really crazy Pefki swim!
    1- no training (that ok)
    2- organizacion( i have boat with 3 young boys.i bet that was them firrst time escorting and sea!
    3- 30m befor finish hard sting from very pain sea creature!))
    4- Top crazy thing .2times i swim on one spot(1 for about 40min and 2 for 2h) unreal experians!)))
    Nevetmine ! I finish after 5h and11m!) Memorable Pefki with great friends. hotel.food and...ouzo!)))
    Health and all the best toall!

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