Global Marathon Swimming Awards - 2020

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2020 was a challenging year for marathon swimmers, with many prevented from swimming at all for significant stretches - much less complete official marathon swims. Nonetheless, there were some remarkable achievements, which we intend to recognize as in years past.

With that we are happy to announce the opening of nominations for MSF Solo Swim of the Year - recognizing the most outstanding solo marathon swims of 2020.

To submit a nomination, please use the form on the page linked above, rather than commenting on this thread. Anyone can submit nominations, not just Forum members.


  • Swim must be solo, nonstop, and conducted according to unassisted marathon swimming rules (MSF Rules, English Channel rules, or equivalent).
  • Swim must be ratified by an established local sanction association OR if it is an independent swim, documented through MSF Documented Swims.
  • Unsanctioned swims - defined as self-organized swims conducted on routes already governed by an established local sanction association - are not eligible.

Nominations will be reviewed and approved by the MSF Core Team before proceeding to the finalist selection vote, which is open to all current MSF members.



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