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Two longtime Forum members, @pavlicov and @AnthonyMcCarley, have been building MSF-affiliated communities on a new audio-chat social media platform, Clubhouse. My best analogy for explaining Clubhouse is that it's like live podcasting where the audience can interact with the speakers.

Unfortunately it's still in invitation-only beta stage, and is only available for iOS users. If you're interested and use iOS, send me a PM. I have a limited # of invites to give out. Once you're in, look for @pavlicov's club "Marathon Swimmers", and @AnthonyMcCarley's club "Open Water Swimming."

Tomorrow's guest on Anthony's weekly "Open Water Swimming" show is MSF core team member Emma Radford. April 7 @ 12pm San Francisco, 3pm New York, 8pm London, 5am April 8th in Sydney.



  • evmoevmo SydneyAdmin
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    The Clubhouse app is now on Android! PM me if you want an invite.

    Emma and Anthony's show is airing again today at 1pm SF / 4pm NYC / 8pm London / 6am Sydney.

    Weekly on Wednesdays (Thursdays if you're UTC+5 or later).

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