Looking for a coach for a 10 mile swim

Hello, I am putting out a request as I am looking for some guidance. I have entered the Swim The Suck event for next October . It will be a challenge for me but I am up for it. I have time to properly train but would love the help of an experienced trainer. I am 53 so need to take into consideration my age as well. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks Martin Whist



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    Definitely read throughout this forum and you'll find race reports and blogs where Suckers have written about this wonderful swim. (This is my favorite marathon swim.)


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  • OK great thanks. Ill comb through it. I guess, for now it is just about getting my weekly mileage up. Thats the way I am approaching it. As well, dryland core work and yoga.

  • Hey Mike! I have a small group that just started my quickstart for marathon swimming virtual, group coaching course, want to join? We learn how to build your a training plan, get recommendations on cross training, injury prevention, learn how to swim efficiently, feed planning, all the things you need to get ready for your first big swim. I'll message you!

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    I’m a coach (pool and OW), former National team staffer, and marathoner myself. Feel free to PM me.

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    I'm entered in STS! Looking forward to meeting fellow swimmers.

    Have been working with a coach for several years, @John_Kenny. He's been fantastic!

    My most recent marathon swim was the Bender Memorial, 8 miles. When I first heard about people swimming 8 miles, I thought no way! But besides the 8 miler last year, I've also gone 11 miles as a training swim taking in ocean and bay. I hope to complete longer swims still in the future.

    With the Bender swim, the sessions in the river practicing dealing with upstream currents were of immense value--plus some "you've GOT to be kidding" workouts, as well as a combination of toughness and encouragement.

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