Lake Memphremagog Water Temperature

EllisEllis Baltimore, MarylandMember

Covid permitting, I'm thinking about doing the 10 mile swim in Lake Memphremagog on July 24, 2021. Anyone have a feel for the water temperatures I'm likely to encounter? Also any advice related to water conditions, weird currents, lake monsters, etc.?



  • boobooabooboobooaboo Seattle, WA, United StatesNew Member

    I tried NOAA but couldn’t find temps, only water levels. In this article from July 2017, the water was 70f.

  • FilFil Derby, VTCharter Member

    Hi Ellis,

    At the end of July water temps on Memphremagog range from about 67F to 75F.

    There are subtle lake currents, Memphre is swimmer friendly B)

  • FilFil Derby, VTCharter Member

    Winds can get frisky.

  • swimmer25kswimmer25k Charter Member

    Very tough swim.

  • @Ellis , Fil has the word, as he is the event director.
    It's my impression, from swimming a shorter course on Memphremagog and hearing from others, that one should be prepared for chop. Also, on a big lake, winds can pick up during the course of a long swim. I would agree that the event is swimmer friendly overall.
    The local monster is Memphre, Vermont's Lady of the Lake.

  • swimrn62swimrn62 Stowe, VTSenior Member
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    I did the 10 mile Kingdom Swim for my 65th birthday and it was heavenly. I'm slow, it took over 7 hours to finish the swim, but I enjoyed every minute. Rounding beautiful small islands, having the bottom suddenly become visible and island residents cheering you on is just lovely. Highly recommended. And don't skip a post-swim maple cremee.

  • EllisEllis Baltimore, MarylandMember

    Thanks for the responses, especially Fil. See you in Vermont.

  • dpm50dpm50 PA, U.S.Senior Member

    I'm signed up for the 10k. Considered the 10 mile, but I'll be just two weeks out from a five miler and wonder if I'd need more recovery before taking on 10 miles (that's coming up in the fall, Swim the Suck).

    So I'm grateful to have come upon this and looking forward to my swim! Those temps sound very doable, as I was swimming in the Schuylkill River in spring when it was sub-60.

    Chop--I have the Great South Bay July 9, a body of water that can be quite calm and quite choppy within a few hours. One year, it was a washing machine on spin the whole way. (I prefer a bit less chop than that, but if it comes, it comes.) Looking forward to the swim--and maybe meeting Memphre! :)

    In particular, looking forward to meeting forum-ites!

  • IronMikeIronMike Northern VirginiaCharter Member

    Just swam in it last Monday. Love that lake. Water was warm (68-ish) where I entered (Prouty Beach) but 63-64F on the other side. Still felt great.


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