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I plan to be in East Texas near Beaumont at the end of September 2012 and would be interested in some non-Gulf OWS. Anyone have any information/guidance or know someone who might be able to provide me with information/guidance regarding swimming in the Sabine Lake (aligators?) or another nearby body of water (preferrably one without aligators)?

I'm not very popular around here; but I've heard that I'm huge in Edinburgh!



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    Alligators tend to not like open water, there's no place for them to hide. That's why people are able to swim across Lake Pontchartrain (also, Pontchartrain is saltwater) without getting eaten. That's not to say there may not be some out there.

    I lived in Beaumont for about a year, although I wasn't swimming much at the time. I wouldn't trust Sabine Lake very much, at least near the Sabine Ship channel. The channel is very industrialized with chemical plants and such, and there is a LOT of ocean going traffic, most of which is tankers.

    There may be some access to the lake on the other side of Treasure Island (off of Port Arthur). There is a small marina just north of the bridge onto the island. While I wasn't swimming when I lived in Beaumont, I've never heard of anyone swimming in Sabine Lake, and I'm sure the locals would think you're nuts for even thinking about it. There isn't a lot of access to Sabine Lake, though, because it's nearly completely surrounded by swamps and chamical plants.

    Actually, I do remember one place. I used to ride with a woman who won her age group in Kona, and her husband would escort her in a kayak at a place a little east of Beaumont, Boomtown USA (http://www.boomtownusarvresort.com/), an RV park. When I've driven past there, I've seen jet skis and such on the lake there, so that may be a concern.

    I don't know where you'll actually be, but when I lived in Baytown (suburb just east of Houston, about 45 minutes or so from Beaumont), people would train in a pond behind Eastside Honda, motorsport dealer (http://www.eastsidehonda.com/) Most of those guys probably still are around, but I was a cyclist when I lived there, didn't get back into swimming until I moved to Baton Rouge.

    Also, there are a few places with gulf access, if you change your mind and get interested. Down along the Creole Nature Trail across the line in Louisiana near Holly Beach, there are a few spots where you can pull off the side of the road and hop in the gulf. They even have some rocks set up to help break up the waves. Also, not sure if Sea Rim state park has reopened, but there are beaches there if you can get there legally.
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    Good stuff, @timsroot! Maybe the gulf is my best bet afterall. But I'm going to follow up on these leads you've given me too. Thanks a lot!

    I'm not very popular around here; but I've heard that I'm huge in Edinburgh!

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    Walter wrote:
    But I'm going to follow up on these leads you've given me too. Thanks a lot!

    Thanks. Depending on where you'll be, I'd say Boomtown or Eastside Honda are your best bets.

    There are a couple bike shops in Beaumont, also. They may have enough contact with triathletes to know, but that's a real stretch, knowing the Golden Triangle.
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    Really old thread, I know. But as a recent transplant to Southeast Texas and even more recent OW swimmer I was wondering if there are any other swimmers in my area (Beaumont Tx). I head over to Houston every weekend to do open water workouts at a private lake http://288lake.net/us/ and get a good 4 or 5 miles in, mornings I swim at a local pool.

    I am told some triathletes work out at Boomtown Lake in the morning before the boats start flying around, but have not chased that down yet.

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    I'm in Central Texas (Killeen/Temple/Fort Hood) - a stone's throw from Belton Lake. I welcome anyone who want's to join me for a swim.

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