Online support crews?

SaltySalishSaltySalish Nanaimo, BC, CanadaMember

Hi all,

I hope our global swimming community is staying strong and sane, through everything that is happening in the world right now. It's certainly been a humbling time, with respect to life, and swimming as well.

Given that this is a solo sport and also that the pandemic has enabled us to connect in ways we never have before, what kind of virtual support are folks finding helpful these days?

I know my move away from a big city a few years back has resulted in me trying to train, stay motivated, etc by myself, which has been difficult... Given that I've been fortunate to still have access to waterways, with safety in mind, I'm hoping to continue jumping into this marathon swimming stuff, even though my planned race possibly won't happen this year for me (Change your Latitude in Sitka, Alaska, given I live across an international border).

My early pandemic days of swimming-related yoga, and dryland drills isn't sustaining me anymore, and thus figured I'd see what others are up to.

Thanks for sharing!

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