News reporter tries out open water swimming

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Here is the video.

This is the first time I've ever seen something like this on media channels. Unfortunately my level of Swedish isn't enough to understand more than a few words and there is no subtitle. Coach Fredrik, famous in Stockholm region, was interviewed.

The people in the video are all black, what I want to know though is how the coach talk about the wetsuit as I'm really interested to know the people perception about our sport on mass media.

Does anyone here know enough Swedish and can share what's happening in the video? Also is there anyone from the Nordic countries to give us the perspective about how open water swimming develops in your region?



  • MLambyMLamby Senior Member

    Just looks like a typical fluff piece to me. Like Good Morning America or something. When the reporter gets in the water, the wet suit is so buoyant she isn't even really having to "swim" and looks like she's being pulled from under the water. At the beginning, it says the temperature is -3 (26 degrees farenheit), however the water and air look beautiful, coach is in a t-shirt, no breath condensation, swimmers seem to be doing VERY short laps in a lake in wetsuits. Not much there really. The male host DOES have a very punchable face though........ :)

  • andissandiss Senior Member

    It’s basically a newbie’s guide to open water swimming.

    IMHO - The ow scene in Sweden - the wetsuit swimmers is increasing as there is a big triathlon and swimrun growth over the last few years

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