I normally swim in and around the city of Oslo, a mix of lake and fjord.
I’ve been lucky recently until today with jellyfish stings.
I was swimming today about 1hr30 south of Oslo and received a c.cyanae straight to my face and neck.
When we were living in Australia I was (un)lucky enough to get a ? Box sting to my forearm which was painful and scarred. And once got stung by a Portuguese man of war swimming in the mulberry harbour at Arromanche (Of D-day fame).
I keep bees and get stung regularly during the summer.
The Schmidt sting pain index is good but makes no allowance of the duration of the pain.
A quick google showed an adapted Schmidt for jellies but again no mention of duration.

How about:-
1-4 severity of sting
A-D duration of pain (A= min, B= hours, C= days, D= >week)

Swim safe



  • ColmBreathnachColmBreathnach Charter Member

    Only having a 1-4 range doesn't seem wide enough. Some stings go up to 11

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