Any East Asian swimmers here?

miklcctmiklcct London, United KingdomMem​ber

I'd like to know more marathon swimmers from around my region, i.e. Hong Kong, Macao, China, Taiwan, Japan, N & S Korea, and Russian Far East, etc. and to do more marathon swimming in this area.

It seems that most people here in the forum are from the traditional big 3 countries (UK, US, Australia). If there are more Asians here to share about the experiences in doing marathon swimming in East Asia, it will certainly help to get more people into long-distance swimming!

If we read the list of swimmers who have completed the English Channel (which is considered the hajj in ultra-swimming), after excluding the local swimmers (i.e. those UK and France swimmers), the proportion of channel swimmers here compared to the total population of the country is exceptionally low - only 3 channel swimmers from China, a country of 1.4 billion people! compared to ~50 channel swimmers from India with similar population. The sport is really underdeveloped here. I hope that this will change over the coming years.



  • SydneDSydneD Senior Member

    I would LOVE to do some swims in that area. Every time I visit Japan or South Korea, I look for swim options, but mostly, am limited to hotels. Sigh.

    I did just get back from Thailand, and while SE Asia, the swimming was FANTASTIC!

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