Anyone ever do an ultra run?

allanl16allanl16 Miami, FloridaMember

Similar to how a seedling was planted in my head a few years ago to compete in a 12.5 mi swim, my current "itch" is the Keys100 ultra marathon run. Everything I seem to find is geared towards trail 100s. I realize this is a swimming forum however this community is filled with so much knowledge that it doesn't hurt to ask.



  • I haven't one one, but one of my colleagues is all over the ultra running. All she and I need is an ultra cyclist and we're all set for an ultra rely triathlon!

  • flystormsflystorms Memphis, TNMember
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    I gave up ultra running once I discovered Marathon swimming. I always loved swimming but never knew US existed. Most of the ultra runs are on trails since it’s probably easier to set up than blocking roads. Check out Badwater ultra for some tips since a lot of that is on road. It’s brutal.

    There are some beautiful trail runs out there you should consider.

  • cwerhanecwerhane Portland Oregon Member

    Erin Churchill is a good contact. She ran Ultras.

  • JaimieJaimie NYCCharter Member

    The Keys100 looks so beautiful - no advice but good luck @allanl16 !

  • ddoohalukddoohaluk United StatesNew Member

    I have done several 100s as well as 50Ks and 50M. All have been trail as I can't imagine running that far on the road. I do know several that have done the Keys 100 and really enjoyed it.

  • Kari33Kari33 PennsylvaniaNew Member

    Yes, but just a few 50ks. There are some decent trail and ultra running groups on FB. When I’m checking out a new race, I usually search for it in those groups and read race reports.

    Good luck!

  • Ive done several marathon swims and 25+ ultra runs from 50-100miles. They are kinda similar, but also very different. Physically- ultramarathons are (kinda self explanatory) very hard on the lower body, while swims are more back/shoulder/arms. In an ultramarathon you can, and often for long stretches, slow down to a walk and even sit down at rest stops. Not in swimming- usually no rest stops expects for feeds and floating on back which still require energy. Mentally- you go through low points in both ultra runs and swim. But while runs are longer (100 mile run in 24 hours vs 15km swim in 9.5 hours), I find running mentally easier than swimming. While running, you can easily talk with another runner or your pacer, you have a lot to look at, can listen to music, and more. Swimming- you see your hand, to your left, to your right, and thats about it. You have to be a lot more mentally strong in marathon swimming vs ultra running- at least my opinion.

    If you are thinking of "switching" things up and running an ultra, my advice is go slow. Depending on your running experience, it may take well over a year+ to build up to running an ultra. Being swimming fit will help in getting into running, but there is no shortcuts to building up your feet and leg endurance. Too much too fast= injury and not a fun experience.

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